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Price ₨ 4,000* ₨ 9,999* ₨ 17,700*
Validity 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Tracking Market
Filtered News
Bulk/Block/Insider Deals
Fundamental Data of stocks
FII & DII data
Basic Price Chart
Edge chart with candlesticks
Plot Technical indicators in chart
Plot Fundamental indicators in chart
Draw Trendline
100+ Basic Technical Scans (SMA,CCI, RSI,MFI,William %R, ROC)
Price and Volume Scans
Candlestick Scans
50+ Advanced Technical Scans (MACD, ADX, ATR, Bband, Stochastic, PSAR,RS, NR4/NR7)
50+ Fundamental Scans (ROE, ROCE, EPS, EBITDA, Sales, Net profit, Shareholding, P/E, D/E, P/Bv, Cashflow)
Combinations Scans
Advanced Filters (By Price, Mcap, Sector, Industry)
Mutual Funds
Mutual Funds Data
AUM Analysis
Mf Investment Themes
My Notes
Add notes in Security, Sector, Industry, AMC & Schemes
Ready Analytics Tool
Thematic Watchlists
300+ Investor Porfolios
Trading Strategies
Business Houses
Edge Report (Case Studies, Concall Analysis, IPO Note, Infographics)
Ad Free Experience
Ad free App
Access to
Fundamental Club
Analyst support for fundamental queries
Sectoral/Company analysis
Company earnings and management updates
Technical Club
Analyst support for technical queries
Regular views on user stocks
Stock Ideas Club
Trading and Investment ideas
Case Studies
Integrated learning throughout the app
Online StockEdge training
Practical learning at StockEdge Club
Lifetime Access to 12 webinars by Experts, worth Rs. 7500/- (You have a choice to select any 12 such webinars from either forthcoming webinars or recording of past webinars)
Access to the following courses:
1. Stock Market Made Easy
2. Technical Analysis Made Easy
3. Stock Investing Made Easy
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